Through Our Eyes is a project of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and was inspired by the thousands of stories we have heard through the years. We began to realize that each person’s story was completely different and yet remarkably the same and that it was important to start collecting them in a way that allowed the world to understand what our community goes through on a regular basis. Whether the stories bring comfort to those who thought they were alone in their fight or determination to someone who becomes inspired to join our mission to find a cure, they will touch everyone who views them.

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure has one Mission and Focus - to invest in research aimed at finding the fastest possible route to a cure. And while we work diligently to push the ball farther down the field and accelerate the rate at which new treatments reach the clinic, we never forget who we are working for. Through Our Eyes shows the purpose behind our mission, the soul behind the science. It is our hope that as our work progresses and the research claws its way closer to a cure we will begin to see the stories transform. We look forward to the day when stories of loss begin to be outnumbered as we change the face of this disease.

Everyone’s story is unique, and every experience is as important as the next. We invite you to share your story, and tell the world “This is how I see it Through Our Eyes”.